Our mission is to advance American energy independence by focusing on cost effective solutions for our customers, sustainable environmental stewardship, job growth and educational advancement.

Who is SunVest and what do we do?

SunVest Corporate Office 14.5 kW Installation

SunVest Corporate Office 14.5 kW Installation

SunVest Solar is a national developer who has worked with over 600 customers across the entire United States, installing more than 44,000 solar panels totaling over 13,000 kW. This equates to approximately 16,250,000 kWh of solar production every year, saving our customers well over a million dollars each year!

As a solar developer, we offer a value added approach to design-build general contracting that combines our comprehensive understanding of the dynamic national incentive and financing climate with the detailed regulatory knowledge of local contractors. We take the necessary time to carefully screen local contractors to find those with the highest quality products and proven ability to perform as demonstrated through completed installations and third party certifications.

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We then combine our subcontractors’ local field experience with our unique and thorough
understanding of the complex incentive and financing programs to offer our clients a broad range of programs specifically tailored to meet their needs while optimizing all aspects of the project.

We are not limited to any one subcontractor, product, component, or financing method. This business model allows us to focus on proven technologies, offer competitive pricing, and then ultimately build the optimal solar system. The solar market is a moving target with incentive programs that are in constant motion and projects routinely confront upfront financing barriers. We take on the responsibility of ensuring our projects not only produce sustainable energy for decades to come, but we also remove the financing hurdles and enable projects to be a reality from day one.


Award-winning work

SunVest Solar is consistently ranked among the top 50 solar developers by Solar Power World Magazine. Read more.