Frequently Asked Questions (General)

Will I have to perform maintenance?

This system has no moving parts therefore maintenance is negligible.

What is the system’s life span?

Solar electric systems are projected to last 30 years. Panels carry a 25 year warranty, inverters carry a 10 year warranty and SunVest offers a 5 year workmanship warranty.

Does it stand up to weather?

The system is designed to handle 30-40 psf of snow load, 90 mph of wind gusts and 1″ hail stones at 55 mph.

Will this make my roof leak?

We design systems with minimal roof penetrations. If roof penetrations are required, we work with your roofer to ensure proper roof flashings to prevent leaks.

Will my roof be able to hold the additional weight of the solar panels?

In most cases, the solar systems weigh between 3-5 psf. We will work with our local licensed structural engineer to review and approve the roof structure prior to doing any work on the roof.

Will the wind blow the panels off of the roof?

No, we will work with local licensed structural engineers to review and approve the roof structure and attachment methods to ensure the solar system will not fly off the roof or even move around on the roof.

Frequently Asked Questions (Post Installation)

How do I know if my system is working properly?

  1. First of all, during a sunny day, verify that the lights on the inverter are green. if they are red or orange, there is likely an error. In the event of an error, write down any and all information that you can gather from the inverter LCD screen and submit it to SunVest (Via this Form). We will evaluate the issue and either troubleshoot the issue with you on the phone or deploy a crew to resolve the issue.
  2. Secondly, gather the total solar production (kWh) reading off of the inverter(s). Each manufacturer has slightly different methods of obtaining this information. Click Here (coming soon) for a guide. Once you obtain these numbers, you can always contact SunVest (Via this Form) to verify to expected production versus actual production.
  3. If you notice physical damage, loose wires, broken solar modules, etc., contact SunVest (Via this Form) to report such issue.

Can you help me understand my bill?

There are several factors that could affect your electric bill after the installation of a solar array. Some things to consider are:

  • If you have a bi-directional meter (Missouri customers), your bill will likely have a line item named “kWh Out”, this is not equal to total solar production. kWh Out is the excess solar energy that is exported to the utility grid AFTER all of the building’s consumption is met. It is possible that your “kWh Out” on the electric bill will be zero even though your solar system is working perfectly fine. This all depends on the consumption patterns of the building.
  • The time of year makes a difference. Generally speaking, the solar produces about twice as much in the summer months as it does in the winter months. So your electric bills in the winter won’t decrease as much as they do in the summer months.

Below, you will find links that refer to manuals for each of the Inverters:

AltEnergy Power Systems

Aurora Power One:
PVI 5000/6000
PVI 3.0/3.6/4.2

Enphase M215

Fronius IG Plus

MicroReplus Microinverter

SMA SunnyBoy

Solectria PVI: