Financial Benefits of Solar

Solar electric systems (photovoltaics or PV) are a renewable energy solution that enables the owner to generate electricity from the sun. This free fuel source has many benefits, but the one leading the way in our approach is based on market driven financial performance.

Fact: The cost to install solar has dropped by more than 70% over the last 10 years.

Fact: The average price of a completed commercial PV project has dropped nearly 30% in the past three years alone.

Fact: 97% of Americans overestimate the cost of going solar 

Fact: 72% of corporations are actively procuring clean energy.


Environmental Benefits of Solar

There is no question that solar electric technology is beneficial to the environment, especially when compared to non-renewable energy sources. To be able to produce energy utilizing the sustainable fuel source of the sun means you are not only doing it with zero carbon emissions, but you are actually offsetting pollutants such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides and mercury. These pollutants are emitted into the atmosphere when electricity is generated from fossil fuel sources, ending up in our waters, food chain and air we breathe.

Fact: The earth receives more energy in one hour than the world uses in an entire year.

Solar power is clean and renewable energy. Our goal is to achieve environmental stewardship utilizing market driven methods. Over the life of the system, solar power outperforms traditional non-renewable energy sources.


Model Home – WI


Job Creation

Fact: For every six homes that go solar, one American job is created.

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The proliferation of the solar industry is spread out across the globe much like the rays of the sun powering its energy generating technology. This is resulting in nearly 100,000 American jobs, which is poised to grow exponentially in only a few short years (source: to over a half of million. Not only unique in the way it produces energy by the conversion of photons to electricity, the solar trade also creates jobs across an array of sectors including manufacturing, engineering, construction and sales to name a few. Recent exponential growth in our business has enabled us to further spread the expansion of the market and put people to work across the nation from our office in Hawaii to our team in New Jersey. In fact Wisconsin, where we are headquartered, has been ranked as the fifth largest solar job market in the nation (source: ) with continued growth on the horizon. Contact us today to invest in an industry that is empowering national and local economy expansion and creating exponential job growth in today’s solar electric market.


America’s Security

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Installing a solar electric system not only reduces our dependence on foreign energy sources, but it also improves our security by utilizing the power of solar in a distributed format. With the emergence of electric vehicles, along with plug in hybrid technology, being seen on larger transportation vehicles there is a real offset on fossil fuel that can be accomplished by utilizing solar electricity in lieu of gasoline. Our company alone has installed solar electric charging stations that power dozens of hybrid electric school buses and envision many more on the horizon.

Additionally, security is achieved by powering a facility with energy produced right onsite from renewable solar electricity instead of having the energy travel countless miles over the grid exposing it to risk along the way. Solar pv system owners have a sense of comfort knowing where their power is coming from and can simply walk out their door to see it and even pull up the internet based monitoring from any internet location to see how it is performing. The time to renew and secure America’s future through the implementation of sustainable energy technology has arrived.