Welcome to the Solar Solutions – Outpost Group Buy! Outpost Natural Foods believes that we all do better when we work together. Following the successful installation of a 56 kW solar electric array on the Mequon store, SunVest and Outpost are working in partnership again to offer this group buy program. By providing an affordable clean energy solution to its owners and vendors, Outpost is furthering its goals for sustainability within the community.

The purpose of the group buy is to encourage the growth of renewable energy by offering savings on solar photovoltaic systems. As more people participate in the program, the more everyone will benefit through incrementally reduced costs.

Who should participate? Both home owners and businesses are encouraged to contact SunVest below for a free, no-obligation quote. Anyone who participates will receive a $200 Outpost gift card upon completion of their project.

What are the steps? Fill out the contact form below. SunVest will respond promptly with an initial solar system design, showing energy production and cost. Finalize your design and contract during a brief home visit, then get ready to enjoy the benefits of clean renewable solar energy!

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Residential solar electric installations like the one shown here save homeowners money for decades after they are installed.

56kW Installation at Outpost Natural Foods in Mequon. One year after operation.