At SunVest, we know that investing in clean, solar energy makes sense from both a financial and environmental perspective. In the past five years the price of a solar installation has fallen dramatically, making solar an even better business decision.

Why Solar Energy Is the Right Choice for Business

Businesses that put nonproductive roof and/or land space to work by installing commercial solar panels benefit by:

  1. Reducing their operating costs.
  2. Minimizing the future impact of escalating energy costs.
  3. Decreasing their carbon footprint.
  4. Showing their commitment to environmentally and socially responsible business practices.
  5. Taking advantage of otherwise unavailable tax credits and other incentives.

Solar = Savings

Whether it’s tax incentives, shrinking utility bills, or the reduction in facility maintenance fees, installing a solar power system results in long-term savings for a business. How much a business can save depends on the size of the solar array.  Many SunVest commercial customers save thousands of dollars every year by using solar energy.

But Money Isn’t the Only Green that Counts

Showing a real commitment to environmentally sustainable business practices sends a message to your customers, your employees and your other shareholders. It shows that your commitment to the local and global community goes deeper than just dollar signs, and that when they choose you, your customers are making a choice that they can feel good about.

Commercial Solar Design & Installation

From initial estimate to a fully functioning array and beyond, SunVest takes pride in personally guiding each customer through the entire solar integration process.  Once you choose to work with SunVest, design, engineering, permitting, incentives and utility interconnection are handled by SunVest’s experienced staff.  All of our partners are carefully vetted to ensure that your instillation is the most efficient and cost effective renewable energy system possible.

Solar Energy Tax Credits and Renewable Energy Credits

An Omnibus bill passed in 2015 extended the investment tax credit (ITC) until 2020.  This allows business’s that have federal tax liability to capture 30% of the entire system cost.

Solar systems also qualify for accelerated five year depreciation with a 50% bonus in the first year further expediting a return on investment.

Local state and/or utility incentives can combine with tax credits to offset upfront cost.