Residential solar electric systems are the best way to offset rising electric utility rates.  Recent decreases is equipment costs combined with existing tax credits and local incentives makes solar less than half the cost of five years ago.


Get the Story on Solar Power

The financial benefits of using renewable solar energy in your home are just part of the story. When you choose to add a solar electric system to your home, you also:

  • Decrease your carbon footprint by using clean energy
  • Take advantage of a local and renewable energy source
  • Decrease America’s dependence on foreign energy sources
  • Decrease your monthly energy costs by getting credit for generating your own electricity

Right now, there is enough solar energy installed in the U.S. to power over 6 million homes. That number grows every day.

How It Works

With SunVest, getting started with solar is easy. Here is how it works:

Let Us Design Your System

We’ll do it all: With a free consultation based on your roof space, energy consumption and budget we can design the ideal system for you.  From design to permits and inspections, we’ll handle all of the technical and regulatory details.

Enjoy the Sunshine

Get credit for all energy you produce: save money, save the environment, and make America a little more secure. SunVest will be there to guide you every step of the way to energy independence.