O’Fallon, MO – Who doesn’t need a little extra cash in their pocket for summer fun or when the energy bill is coming due?

The recent heat wave took a toll on lawns, air conditioners and incomes. A recent installment of solar panels brought one O’Fallon home owner’s energy bill down to just $4.00!

Solar systems are an efficient way to cool or even power an entire home. O’Fallon home owner Glenn Jordan explained, “My solar system generates more power than I can use, even in this heat wave with the air conditioning running 24/7. At peak output, I can run my air conditioning, oven, dryer and pool pump off the solar.”

SunVest Solar offers a Zero down Solar Lease program where we can install the system for zero upfront dollars. We take care of all maintenance and insurance costs. Along with those benefits come the environmental advantages. While saving you money, it harnesses the suns natural energy to relieve the carbon footprint and restoring the communities we in which we live.

SunVest Solar, Inc is America’s premier full-service solar electric installation company. Our mission is to advance American energy independence by focusing on cost effective solutions for our customers, sustainable environmental stewardship, job growth and educational advancement.

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